Direct Dental Care
Simple and transparent.
Pay for what's known. Save for what's not.
Direct Dental Care or Insurance?

Employer Plan Options

Employee Only

Employee +1

Employee +2

Employee +3

Employee and 4+

Teeth Cleaning


Fluoride Treatment

(14 & Under)


**Other Procedures

Oral Exam


$12 / mo

$22 / mo

$30 / mo

$38 / mo

$48 / mo


1 / yr

1 / yr

1 / yr

1 / yr



25% - 40%


$20 / mo

$35 / mo

$45 / mo

$55 / mo

$68 / mo


2 / yr

2 / yr

2 / yr

1 / yr



30% - 45%

Advantages Over Traditional Insurance

No Deductibles

No Copays

No Waiting Periods

No Annual Limits

Transparent Pricing

*Discount is applied to the standard fee schedule of the in-network dentist selected by the member.

**Please refer to the full fee schedule for actual costs.  Discounts shown are averages based on a broad range of usual and customary fees.

Direct Dental Care is NOT INSURANCE and we think that's a great thing. If you don't like your benefit, you can cancel within 30 days from the effective date of coverage.
Find a Dentist in the Greyfinch Network

Please let us know if you would like your dentist to join the network!

A logical, more affordable benefit for your employees.

Easy-to-use admin software

Employee self-service

Transparent benefits and pricing

Dental Providers
A system that works to benefit you and your patients, not a third-party.

New, consistent revenue 

Easy-to-use software

Onboard to the network in minutes

Provider-Led and Quality-Focused

Part of the inspiration for the development of our Direct Dental Care benefit is due to our partnership with Arkansas Health Network (AHN), an Arkansas-based clinically integrated network.  A clinically integrated network (CIN) is a quality-driven initiative that builds on the strengths of participating providers to improve patient health, increase efficiency and enable providers to succeed in today’s ever-changing health care environment.  


The Direct Dental Care benefit was designed to reduce unnecessary third-party expenses so we can help provide access to quality oral health care at a reasonable cost.  For these reasons we've designed an application that helps create efficiency and transparency for everyone including employers, providers, employees and their dependents.

We care about results, access to quality care, and the piece of mind your employees get by knowing exactly what their benefit provides.  Our goal is total transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions
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